What is a business worth? 

Business value can be a complicated process and is often emotionally charged because of its subject nature. In reality, aspirational values, and actual values are rarely the same.
Our approach is impartial, data-driven and designed to enhance the chance of successfully selling or buying a business.

What will my business sell for?

Ultimately the market will decide what each company is worth.
We offer an Opinion of Value to reach the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP). This is a common sense approach to providing you with an accurate guideline based on market trends and recent deal intelligence. The MPSP is based on market data comparables and what the market (a buyer) is most likely to pay for your business, given the current economic conditions.
Every business is unique, but whatever the circumstances, we’re on hand to act as a sounding board and offer tailored business transition advice.


From how to structure a business sale considering liability issues, post-sale tax scenarios, employment agreements to benefit your staff in the long term, earn outs, purifying assets classes or simply an operations manual, we are on hand to provide clear strategies to ensure the best possible deal terms for you.

We don’t sugar coat the gravity of your business endeavours but offer realistic solutions of how to prepare your business for sale and maximise your final selling price. Our no BS approach is also influenced by our fee structure. We are a success based company, whereby we get paid when you do. At the closing table.

Common Questions About Business Value

How can I improve the value of my business?

Increase your operational efficiency (boost sales, decrease expenses), reduce owner dependency within the daily operations, reduce customer and supplier concentration, develop a thorough operations manual, increase your customer satisfaction, improve your cash flow (extend AP and reduce AR) and develop recurring revenue streams. While not all these are possible in every business, each process moves the needle a little higher in terms of business value.

What documents are needed to start an MPSP?

Financial Statements (profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc) for at least the previous three years, an accurate value of the current inventory. A current list of assets, furniture, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, etc with an estimated replacement value of each asset.
We examine all the nuances that make your business unique and profitable, but most importantly, attractive to a pool of buyers.

What methods are used in valuing a business?

The most common method used to determine a value for a business is calculating a multiple of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation), which is a measure of a company’s ability to generate operating earnings.

The multiples vary by industry and could be in the range of one to seven times EBITDA for a small to medium-sized business, depending on market conditions and the quality of earnings. Many other factors can influence which multiple is used, including goodwill, intellectual property, asset value and the company’s location.

After arriving at the EBITDAbased multiple, we typically seek to confirm it by applying other valuation approaches— calculating the value of the company’s tangible and intangible assets, discounted future earnings and what comparable businesses have sold fo.
If the valuation approaches yield different numbers, we investigate why and may adjust the EBITDA multiple.
It’s part science, part art and it is designed to allow a buyer to make an informed decision and move forward with a transaction.

What market size, do you specialise in?

We specialise in BC small businesses that have gross revenues of $1M to $10M.
Our mid-market focus is based on local and international experience and the likelihood of success.

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